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Welcome to Zen Yoga in English Berlin

Zen Yoga is contemporary fusion of physical yoga practice and mindfulness meditation. With regular practice, you will become grounded, centered, strong and flexible. But that’s not all – mindfulness will also develop a gentle awareness of your inner narratives. This can create a powerful shift in how you respond to stress and challenges in your daily life.

Yoga classes usually begin with preparatory and breathing exercises, continue with a progression of holding and flowing (vinyasa) yoga postures, and end with meditation. A session may also include restorative yoga, guided relaxation and massage.

Each class is created new, taking cues from the rhythms of the seasons, the needs of the group, and related current topics.

To create a calm environment and nourish receptive attention, classes are held without music.

Join our weekly yoga classes in English in Berlin Kreuzberg, book private yoga lesson or sign up for mindfulness meditation course. Classes are limited to max 15 people, providing each student appropriate attention and a sense of community.

Suitable for everyone, no matter your experience, age, strength or flexibility.

Please arrive 10 min earlier to register. Props are provided. For schedule and prices, click here.

NEW: Mindfulness for Busy Urban People

Meditation Course in Berlin – Kreuzberg

New course starts June 16th!

In a need of a deep relaxation?

Treat yourself with one on one care and book a shiatsu massage session.

New to yoga?

Read our Zen Yoga Beginner’s Guide!


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