Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships

advanced yoga teacher training scholarships

We are pleased to offer two work-study scholarships for our Advanced Yoga Teacher Training that starts in May 2020 in Berlin.

Advanced yoga teacher training scholarships available:

  1. In-Training Assistant (ITA) position: 500 Euros discount on the total tuition fee. The ITA acts as an administrative assistant for the entire training group. She or he is tracking attendance hours and homework, notes or changes to the training materials or schedule, scheduling assisting and mentoring sessions, and facilitating communication throughout the training group. One position available.
  2.  Yoga teacher in the studio: 200€ discount on the total tuition fee. The scholar recipients will teach one regular class for 3 months (12 regular weekly classes) at the Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness studio. Three positions available and the scholarsip starts in January 2020.

To apply for one of both scholarships, upon submitting your online application, please email us additionally a short essay answering the following questions:

  • Why do you need the scholarship?
  • Why are you a good candidate?

Applications for the scholarships are opened until Decembee 15th, 2019. We’ll make our decision by January 5th.

Did you know?

A state-sponsored stipend of 500 EUR (Bildungprämie) is available for this training. Contact us first before applying for the stipend.

You can also apply for paid holidays (Bildungsulraub) to complete the first training module in August.