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How to open your heart to the world

Metta Bhavana or loving kindness practice is an essential aspect of mindfulness In this last decade, science has been discovering numerous benefits from the practice of mindfulness. Whether it’s reducing stress and anxiety, improving concentration, memory and productivity, and even changing the way our brain works, more and more studies are showing the power of […]

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Beginner’s Mind

In the Beginner’s Mind there are many possibilities. In the expert’s mind there are few. – Zen master Shunryu Suzuki Hey presto! Have you ever wondered how children can laugh wholeheartedly at the same magic trick over and over again? As if it’s happening for the first time?  It’s because they’re right there in the […]

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What is Buddhist Yoga?

“It is just within this ‘fathom long’ body endowed with perception and cognition that there is the world, the origin of the world, the cessation of the world, and the way leading to the cessation of the world.” Rohitassasutta, SN 2.26 A changing view of the body In our society it’s all about the body. […]


Bringing mindfulness to our digital lives

We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us – Marshall McLuhan Have you ever felt like quietly unplugging your monitor or notebook and hurling it out of an open window and watching with grim satisfaction as it smashes all over the pavement? Maybe you haven’t. But a lot of people have. Office computer […]


What do J.S.Bach and Mantras have in common?

Do you love watching a night sky full of stars? If you do, then you will remember those shifts of the attention..sometimes you look at a particular star or a constellation of stars, and sometimes you’re capturing the big picture and for a moment, that wonderful moment, you can see the whole universe on display […]

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What is Mindfulness?

In our daily life, most of the time we are immersed in thoughts about the past or the future or in fantasies. These often contribute to stress, fear and suffering. Mindfulness practice shows us how to overcome this pre-occupation so we can see clearly what is happening right here and now, in the present moment, […]


What is Meditation?

When someone says ”I am meditating”, this can mean a lot of different things to different people. Some people, for example, believe they are meditating when they go running, others believe the same when they are dancing to trance at a party, others chant mantras to meditate, and others gaze into candles. In this way […]


Healing negative body image

A round belly is a happy belly At the end of each yoga class, I guide students through a self-massage. These last five minutes are always quite special for me. Massage not only distributes the chi, or life energy evenly throughout the body, it also helps students to experience metta, or loving-kindness toward themselves and […]


Mindful Listening

“The best place to practice Zen is at a busy intersection” – Zen proverb Cultivating mindfulness requires nothing exotic. You don’t need any expensive gadgetry or accoutrements. All you need is to be in the here and now. Daily life – sitting, standing, working, resting – is an excellent ground for practice. Sure, from time […]