Dynamic Bodyfulness Series

Embodied anatomical explorations with Diana Thielen, Axis Syllabus teacher, dancer and performer

This 7-week series aims to bridge the current understandings of human biomechanical parameters, as compiled in the Axis Syllabus body of knowledge, with postural yoga practices, movement exploration/improvisation, bodywork, and theory.

Each week will have a specific focus that provides the class with principles for further investigations. This might lead us to question and adapt well know yoga asanas, reconfigure daily performed body postures or explore and practice soothing movement patterns off the yoga mat.

The series emphasizes, with a body-positive perspective, the importance of reconnection to our bodies. Can we reclaim our embodied experiences and finding a place of clarity and calmness?

Embodied anatomical explorations is a course for yoga teachers and practitioners, dance artists, manual therapists or bodyworkers, and for everyone who wants to reflect their movement-or teaching/healing practice.

When: Tuesdays 10:00 – 11:15

Dates: July, 9/16/23/30 and August 13/20/27

Where: Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness, Am Tempelhofer Ufer 36, Berlin X-Berg

Language: English/German

Price: 65€ – 85€ for the whole series
limited drop-in options (2 humans per session): 12€, registration required

Please contribute with a genuine, honest payment to sustain the future of this series. Diana kindly asks professionals (Bodywork/Yoga/movement) to pay 75€-85€. Especially Yoga teachers who will most likely let their teachings get influenced by the transmitted and shared knowledge. Thanks for your understanding. The lowest scale is especially meant for queer and/or otherwise marginalized/under-represented folks in yoga settings. We sincerely hope this practice will support your own healing and self-caring.

Register per email: info@dianathielen.com

About Diana Thielen

Diana Thielen

Diana Thielen (* 1982) is a dancer / performer / blogger (movementactivism.com) and a teacher of the Axis Syllabus. She graduated at the SEAD / Salzburg (2004-2008) and is a student of Gender Studies / Educational Studies in Berlin. Diana’s work includes interdisciplinary perspectives that relate to her interest in queer theory, intersectional feminism, and postcolonial studies, as well as pondering and exploring private realities as a queer woman. She teaches / performs internationally, such as at the dance / performance festival FRESH! (2018 / San Francisco / USA), the feminist art festival Chouftouhonna (2017 / Tunis / Tunisia) and intern. Bühnenwerkstatt (2016/2018 Graz, Austria). Since 2016 Diana collaborates with director Alisa Tretau (THIELEN_TRETAU). In performances and teachings they explore self-determined body images and feminist distortions of stereotypes. Currently Diana is working, together with Berlin-based artist Sarra Bouars and L.A. based choreographer Kristianne Salcines, on Salcines piece “Survival project”. (Premiere April 2019, L.A. /USA) Diana is a guest-teacher at HZT Berlin. (WS 2018/19).

Diana about herself:

I am fascinated by the human body in all its expressions: how we move, how we present ourselves, how we position ourselves socially, how we change and adapt over our lifetimes in response to various challenges.

As a teacher, I see my strength in my genuine wish to support each individual’s journey. Their experiences, as well as, their curiosities, doubts, vulnerabilities and lust to move and study are invited, to create a safe learning atmosphere.

Yoga, especially postural yoga, is accompany my journey of a dancer, performer and feminist activist from the beginning. How is yoga, including meditation and pranayama-practice supporting my wish for a genuine, radical-self-love experience? Can we create a space where everyBody matters, a space of empathy, a space to reaffirm the intertwining existence of body and mind?

I am aware of my position as a white, bodily abled, cis-woman. Therefore I aim to constantly reflect upon our, about my multiple intersections of identity.