I have been playing Fukushima Requiem recently. This piece opens a gate into a different approach to the sound of the western flute because it aims to express Japanese sakuhachi flute sounds. It brings a mind-body connection into the center for the performer.

Working on this piece transforms me into a Japanese calligrapher.. my body becomes a brush, the air coming out of me turns into black ink, and the space with it’s acoustic qualities becomes rice paper, soaking up the imprints of the sound. It feels opened, peaceful and completely alive.

The mind observes from the inside of the body, without interfering. No more chief of command who knows best. If the mind takes over, the presence is gone and what’s left is a “performance”, another execution of a task..The joy of mind-body union becomes a memory, and a longing.

On the other hand, there has to be a knowledge and a training to let go of in the first place. It doesn’t just happen out of nowhere. Isn’t that tricky?

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