What is Buddhist Yoga?
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What is Buddhist Yoga?

“It is just within this 'fathom long' body endowed with perception and cognition that there is the world, the origin of the world, the cessation of the world, and the way leading to the cessation of the world.” Rohitassasutta, SN 2.26 A…
yoga teacher training Berlin

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Free Info Session

Saturday, November 20th, 2021 @16:00 - 17:30 at Bija Yoga Berlin, Grimmstr 19, Berlin Join this free info session and learn more about our upcoming 200- hour yoga teacher training that starts in January 2022. Dynamic Mindfulness is an in-depth…
Fure Module

Beginner’s Mind Series 04

In the series “Beginner's mind” Mariana Romagnani shares her experience of going through the Dynamic Mindfulness Foundational Yoga Teacher Training during a pandemic. Fire Module: Glowing coal In the third module of Dynamic Mindfulness…
200-hour yoga teacher training berlin

FREE Info Session Advanced Training in Berlin 2020

Join this FREE info session and learn more about our Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Berlin 2020 Tatjana Mesar,  E-500 RYT and creator of this program, will take you through the program and answer all your questions. WHEN: Sunday, January…
business side of yoga teaching

Business side of Yoga teaching

with Tatjana Mesar, a founder of Dynamic Mindfulness Sunday, December 1st, 2019 at 9 AM – 5 PM at Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness Through a mixture of lectures, interactive exercises, journaling and games, Tatjana will lead you through…
Poetry of Body and Mind

Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers: Poetry of Body and Mind

Clarify your path as a progressive yoga teacher September 28th - October 4th, 2019 from 9:00 till 17:30 at Zen Yoga By Dynamic Mindfulness Studio 'Poetry of Body and Mind' is 50-hour teacher training module, a part of Dynamic Mindfulness 300-hour…
The Tree Dharma Seals, Five Skandhas, Consciousness, and Karma, Perspectives on Mindfulness, Four Sublime Abodes and Chan Buddhism

Protected: The Tree Dharma Seals, Audio Lectures on Buddhism

From the 'Lectures on Buddhism' series with David Listen, Buddhist teacher and life mentor from NYC. Recorded on the Dynamic Mindfulness Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Berlin, July 23rd - July 27th, 2018. Due to technical issues,…
Matthew Remski

A seminar with Matthew Remski in Berlin

WHAT ARE WE ACTUALLY DOING IN ASANA? A Natural History of Shadow and Light in Modern Yoga April 6th - 7th 2019 from 11:00 till 17:00 with a lunch break and tea break at Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness This seminar is a part of the Dynamic…

Dancing for joy on the path

The Buddhist path offers more than somber contemplation and quietude; the experience of deep stillness from a sustained meditation practice can cause a river of joy to flow through our everyday lives. It happened one sunny morning after meditation.…

About the Bildungsprämie

Bildungsprämie: a state-sponsored scholarship of 500 Euros Available for our teacher training programs in Berlin. This stipend is for people who: Work at least 15 hours per week (employed or self-employed) or are at the parental…