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What is Buddhist Yoga?
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What is Buddhist Yoga?

“It is just within this 'fathom long' body endowed with perception and cognition that there is the world, the origin of the world, the cessation of the world, and the way leading to the cessation of the world.” Rohitassasutta, SN 2.26 A…
Yoga Teacher MentorshipTatjana Mesar

Yoga Teacher Mentoring Program

with Tatjana Mesar, founder and lead teacher in Dynamic Mindfulness School and other Dynamic Mindfulness 500-hour RYT teachers. September 2020 – February 2021 online and/or in Berlin A state-sponsored stipend of 500 € (Bildungsprämie)…
Restorative Yoga Training

Restorative Yoga Training with Tatjana Mesar

'Waves & Stillness' Restorative Yoga Training with Tatjana Mesar, yoga educator, shiatsu practitioner and a founder of Dynamic Mindfulness February 1st - 2nd 2020, from 10:00 till 17:00 at Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness Hectic contemporary…
Liam Bowler
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Start with Science, End with Poetry

Tatjana Meser, a founder of Dynamic Mindfulness, was interviewed by Liam Bowler for his The Body Awake podcast. Two of them dive into some big guiding questions: what is tradition, what is modern, what is fusion of ideas and, ultimately,…
Fourth Paramita, Virya – The Perfection of Energy
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4th Paramita, Virya – The Perfection of Energy

In this fourth instalment of our series on the Six Perfections, we boost our energy levels by looking at Virya: Exertion.  The new lazy? "I am soooooo busy," I said. "Oh my god, same here," my friend replied. We shook our heads saying this,…
second paramita, ethical living, virtue
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Cultivating Ethical Living, without guilt tripping yourself (or others!)

In this second instalment of our series on the Six Perfections we explore the topic of “shila”; our ethical living in everyday life. Imagine this: You open a friendly, handwritten note, inviting you to change your life and let go…
six paramitas, generosity
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Six guiding stars to live by – introducing the Six Paramitas

“The ultimate goal of spiritual practice is to transcend this world.” True or false? For many spiritual disciplines, both Eastern and Western, the answer is YES – the goal of spiritual practice has been personal salvation; to leave this…
loving kindness practice- metta bhavana
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How to open your heart to the world

Metta Bhavana or loving kindness practice is an essential aspect of mindfulness In this last decade, science has been discovering numerous benefits from the practice of mindfulness. Whether it’s reducing stress and anxiety, improving concentration,…
core sequence and embodiment

Tatjana goes live on the Embodiment Podcast

Zen And The Art Of Yoga Our founder Tatjana Mesar joins Mark Walsch to discuss embodiment and music, Buddhism and yoga. They explore excellence in yoga teaching, what is yoga anyway (?), yoga history, Zen/ Chan, anatomy training. She describes…
Beginner’s Mind
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Beginner’s Mind

In the Beginner's Mind there are many possibilities. In the expert's mind there are few. – Zen master Shunryu Suzuki Hey presto! Have you ever wondered how children can laugh wholeheartedly at the same magic trick over and over again? As…
contemporary yoga

Transcending tradition and finding a contemporary yoga that fits

Most of the physical movements and postures commonly recognised as “yoga asanas” haven’t been around that long, but have come to be widely accepted as sacred forms. But things are evolving quickly, and yoga is now adapting to evidence-based…
the value of silence

The value of silence

There is a power and beauty in silence. In the classical yoga tradition, the Sanskrit word Mauna means silence, and it’s said silence helps a yogi purify her mind; it clears the detritus floating on its surface. This is why many yogis take…