Yoga reads Charity Event

Online Event in English language,

with Tatjana Mesar, a founder of Dynamic Mindfulness

and Sara Piazza, International Member of “The Reader” (Liverpool) 

Saturday, March 21st from 15:00 till 17:30

at Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness

Donation-based – donate what you can:

Please provide us with your email upon purchasing and we’ll send you a link for the zoom event half an hour before we start.

Join us for a Yoga Reads live online session, a fusion of contemporary yoga practice and the experience of reading literature together, aloud and in real time. 

We start with Tatjana guiding gentle mindful movement followed by relaxing stillness and from silence we slowly return to the sound of words.

Sara, the Yoga Reader, continues by sharing a piece of a short story with the group. We stop and talk about what we just read, then another person can read on. After the story has been read and views on it have been exchanged we end with a poem. If you don’t feel like talking it is perfectly fine to just listen.

What makes Yoga Reads different from a regular “book club” and a yoga class? Why is this special?

Yoga Reads invites you to go into the unknown. Starting with mindful movement, that connects you with your own body and breath followed by wakeful stillness, you transition into the world of literature. The group does not know in advance what will be read. That moment of perfect silence after reading, before the first person says something, is always so incredibly gripping. We do not know what will happen next, the result is open. Movement and Literature bring the people in the group to think and feel. It is like a key opening a door to new landscapes. Nobody is forced to say anything, but rather free to keep these thoughts and feelings – quietly – to oneself. 

In each session we rediscover the fresh pleasure of reading: together we can „write“ new, inspiring stories.

About Sara Piazza 

A native Italian of international and multilingual background, ever since I was a kid language and its sounds fascinated me. Possibly, this is the reason why I wrote a book about ‘Music, Words and Noise’ in the films of Jim Jarmusch (Reaktion, London, 2015). An independent writer, radio journalist, TV and documentary-film producer, I found out about ‘The Reader’ organization in Liverpool in 2016. The same year I attended their ‘Read to Lead’ training. Since then I have held countless reading sessions with groups in Germany and Switzerland, in German and English.