feeling uncomfortable
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The Quest for Mindfulness: FEELING UNCOMFORTABLE

Like any quest I am in search of something. At times the thing I seek is clear, but most times it is nebulous. The thing I search for ‘the present moment’ is an elusive creature. I see it hiding in shadows, but most times I feel like…


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The Quest for Mindfulness Berlin – CALIFORNIA DREAMING

I’m staring at my laptop and there’s nothing. I can’t write a single word. I could put it down to writers block but that’s just not true. The whole week I have been songwriting, writing a short story for my writers group, hell I’m…
mindfulness meditation

The Quest for Mindfulness: CLICK, CLICK, CLICK

I sometimes forget when I head to yoga practice on Thursdays after work that I am not just rushing to do my asanas but to understand my mind a bit more.  I sometimes struggle with breath-focused seated  meditation,  so it was a welcome…
The Quest for Mindfulness
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The Quest for Mindfulness – Upside down and inside out

I love being upside down. I love love love it. Ask anyone who knows me well enough, I love doing things backwards and inverted - why? I have no clue, I just think its fun - perhaps I was a bat in previous life as I like Ask anyone who knows…
breathing mindfully

The quest for mindfulness: Return to your breath

Thursday came and with it my very first official Dynamic Yoga class with Tatjana. I was strangely nervous, wondering if I was going to suck or not. Intellectually I know yoga practice is not about being good or bad and more a case of being…
The quest for mindfulness - The Journey Begins!
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The quest for mindfulness – The Journey Begins!

One of the most challenging things, I imagine I am not alone in this, is being mindful and present. Being in the now has been my Everest of sorts for as long as I can remember. My mind is like a version of mental ping-pong - ping past-pong…
Wild Geese by Mary Oliver - air

Foundational Yoga Teacher Training Module 4: AIR

The 4th Module, AIR covers all of the bases with practical advice and mentoring to give you the knowledge, confidence and skills to be a responsible and compassionate teacher. You will discover and cultivate your own unique strengths as a Yoga…
fire module

Foundational Yoga Teacher Training Module 3: FIRE

The third Module, Fire gives you tools to develop your own creativity and knowledge of asana variations. Each basic asana will be briefly reviewed, and in this section you will learn modifications for special considerations (injury, extreme…
Waving Water

Foundational Yoga Teacher Training Module 2: WATER

  The second module builds on the knowledge of anatomy and the subtle body from Module 1 and expands into sequencing a dynamic and intelligent class based on your knowledge of how the asanas and the body function together. You will learn…
Foundational Yoga Teacher Training

Foundational Yoga Teacher Training Module 1: EARTH

We start our foundational yoga teacher training by diving into the history and philosophy of Yoga and Buddhist Yoga, in order to find out how are these ancient teachings and practices relevant in the context of our contemporary lives. We will…
yoga beginner guide

zen yoga beginner guide

Thinking about starting with yoga classes in Berlin? Here are few things you should know to enhance your experience of yoga. I'm glad you're here. Thanks! PLEASE: Arrive at least 10 minutes early to accommodate Wear comfortable…