Waving Water

Foundational Yoga Teacher Training Module 2: WATER

  The second module builds on the knowledge of anatomy and the subtle body from Module 1 and expands into sequencing a dynamic and intelligent class based on your knowledge of how the asanas and the body function together. You will learn…
Foundational Yoga Teacher Training

Foundational Yoga Teacher Training Module 1: EARTH

We start our foundational yoga teacher training by diving into the history and philosophy of Yoga and Buddhist Yoga, in order to find out how are these ancient teachings and practices relevant in the context of our contemporary lives. We will…
yoga beginner guide

zen yoga beginner guide

Thinking about starting with yoga classes in Berlin? Here are few things you should know to enhance your experience of yoga. I'm glad you're here. Thanks! PLEASE: Arrive at least 10 minutes early to accommodate Wear comfortable…
healthy snacks before yoga

Pre Yoga Pick-me-ups – Healthy snacks before yoga

by Zen Yogini Kyra While it's not usually advisable to be in a state of digestion while practicing yoga, if we are distracted by our stomach growling it can take away from our ability to focus and enjoy the practice. Personally, if it's…
avocado chocolate mousse

Community Corner – Avochoco!

By Zen Yogini Kyra As odd as it sounds, avocado chocolate mousse - or avochoco as I've lovingly nicknamed it - is glorious! And super healthy. Interesting tidbit: the botanical name for the cacao tree is theobroma cacao – which means “food…
into the silence

into the silence

'relaxing into everything that arises, without exceptions relaxing into what is, even if it's not what I'd like it to be relaxing into sitting, into pain, into joy, into chatter relaxing into the method, over and over again relaxing into…
home yoga practice
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How to Develop Home Yoga Practice

“Let your practice flow like a small stream, day to day, rather than like a big waterfall, which flows occasionally.” Do you want to start developing a home yoga practice, but you’re not sure how? The beauty of yoga is that it…
restorative yoga

Restorative yoga – how does it work?

We humans are neurologically wired to respond to danger with the “fight-or-fight” response: increasing heart rate, blood pressure, mental alertness and muscle tension, and at the same time slowing or shutting down systems of digestion,…
Whole Body Smile Meditation

Fukushima Requiem and the sound

I have been playing Fukushima Requiem recently. This piece opens a gate into a different approach to the sound of the western flute because it aims to express Japanese sakuhachi flute sounds. It brings a mind-body connection into the center…