Mindful Assisting Training for Yoga Teachers

Mindful Assisting Training for Yoga Teachers

with Tatjana Mesar, senior yoga teacher, shiatsu practitioner and founder of Dynamic Mindfulness school Sep 28th - 29th, 2019 from 10:00 till 17:00 at Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness, Templehofer Ufer 36, 10963 Berlin In the Mindful Assisting…
Liam Bowler
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Start with Science, End with Poetry

Tatjana Meser, a founder of Dynamic Mindfulness, was interviewed by Liam Bowler for his The Body Awake podcast. Two of them dive into some big guiding questions: what is tradition, what is modern, what is fusion of ideas and, ultimately,…
yoga for pregnancy in Berlin

Yoga for Pregnancy in Berlin

A lot is changing during these nine months. Yoga for pregnancy can help bring in a sense of ease. Yoga can be an excellent way to connect with your body and the baby during these precious months. There are many benefits to practicing yoga when…
Advanced Anatomy with Vera Piechulla

Advanced Anatomy Series with Vera Piechulla

FULLY BOOKED! Fascia, Mobility and Resilience April 8th - 11th  2019, from 14;00 till 17:30 with a tea break Early Bird price for the whole series: 200 Euros, valid till February 1st Regular tuition: 250 Euros In this series of…
Matthew Remski

A seminar with Matthew Remski in Berlin

WHAT ARE WE ACTUALLY DOING IN ASANA? A Natural History of Shadow and Light in Modern Yoga April 6th - 7th 2019 from 11:00 till 17:00 with a lunch break and tea break at Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness This seminar is a part of the Dynamic…

Dancing for joy on the path

The Buddhist path offers more than somber contemplation and quietude; the experience of deep stillness from a sustained meditation practice can cause a river of joy to flow through our everyday lives. It happened one sunny morning after meditation.…
Dynamic Mindfulness Water Sequence

Online Tutorials: WATER Sequence

Dynamic Mindfulness Water Sequence works with facia, our connective tissue network and with soft tissues in the body through rolling, bouncing and pulsing. Biomechanics and biotensegrity translated in fluidity, cohesion and softness. With…
Dynamic Mindfulness Earth Sequence

Online Tutorials: EARTH Sequence

Dynamic Mindfulness EARTH Sequence offers active mobility practice for the hip joints, builds overall strength in the body and has a grounding effect on the mind. With Tatjana Mesar, a senior yoga teacher and a creator of Dynamic Mindfulness.   Dynamic…

About the Bildungsprämie

Bildungsprämie: a state-sponsored scholarship of 500 Euros Available for our teacher training programs in Berlin. This stipend is for people who: Work at least 15 hours per week (employed or self-employed) or are at the parental…
Dhyana Paramita
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Having a smooth ride – the Paramita of Meditation

The fifth paramita in our six part series, Dhyana Paramita, is about staying steady and focused no matter what life throws at us. The first time I tried bouldering I felt tense and on edge. I struggled to trust I would be okay if I fell. Worried…
Online Yoga Tutorials: Sun Salutation, Online Tutorials: Eight-Form Moving Meditation, Warm-up Sequence and Hero Salutation

Online Tutorials: Warm-Up

The cornerstone of the Dynamic Mindfulness method is a contemporary fusion of holistic asana flow and Buddhist mindfulness meditation. The approach to sequencing is a carefully crafted blend that incorporates: The vigor of sequenced asana…

Early Summer Special: Yoga and Shiatsu Massage

Wellness for Body and Soul 10 x Yoga + Shiatsu Massage Ah, those summer days, sun riding across Tempelhofer Feld with a little breeze of the evening to come. What better than start the season with yoga classes for the summer, topped up…