Katharina Pewny

Katharina Pewny, Dynamic Mindfulness Yoga teacher

Katharina’s goal is to support you in developing awareness in movement.  Practicing with her, you participate in a mélange of core work, fluid transitions, and moments of stillness – all led by the breath. As a creative teacher and playful practitioner, she invites you to explore freedom in movement on the solid grounds of modern Yoga and contemporary biomechanics.

Yoga is like a home for Katharina that accompanied her from Vienna to Hamburg, then to Ghent and finally to Berlin, where she graduated as a teacher at Dynamic Mindfulness Foundational Training and now participates in the Advanced Training.

In the past two decades, Katharina has created a range of movement flows for herself, from very demanding ones to resting with minimal movement. Her practice is especially inspired by Tatjana Mesar (Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness), Manoj Bhanot (Yogalife Belgium), Sabine Klein (Open Flow Yoga) and Jivana Hayman (Accessible Yoga). In academic settings, Katharina has been researching and teaching performance, theatre and dance with a focus on multilinguality and migration, vulnerability and resilience. Otherwise, you can find her dancing Salsa, exploring the Berlin woods and lakes, or enjoying to just be.