English yoga in Berlin - Lorena Martinez

Lorena Martinez, yoga teacher

Lorena Martinez, yoga teacher

Yoga, for me, means discipline, awareness, connection, breathing and stillness. Above all, it requires compassion to oneself and others.

I have been actively discovering and studying different yoga styles for more than ten years, but three years ago decided that I wanted to take my learning further and share my joy in a lifestyle that I love and discipline that I treasure.

I teach vinyasa flow, but with a twist. I like having fun and challenging the body with mindfulness through movement. I also have a special focus on breathing techniques, because of the reward of achieving a quiet mind, and space these exercises create in the mind and body. I place a special emphasis on having a warm and sensual atmosphere in which to practice, using scented oils and eye cushions, within my lessons.
My ultimate goal is to continue learning and sharing my love for the practice with others.

Lorena’s schedule:

Lorena is currently at the manternity leave.