Maria Helmrich

Maria Helmrich, Dynamic Mindfulness yoga teacher

Having walked her own yoga path for the last eight years, Maria found yoga as a tool for overcoming anxiety and self-limiting thought, which she seeks to share with you. 

Through her authentic and laid-back nature, Maria is here to inspire you to move in a way that feels good to you and to have the courage to be yourself.  Acknowledging that each time you step on the mat is a new experience, she invites you to approach the practice with curiosity and compassion, encouraging you to meet yourself where you are. Her classes are a balance of effort and ease, spiced up with biomechanically informed movements. 

Maria draws inspiration from her yoga teachers and mentors Tatjana Mesar (Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness) and Nyamwathi Gichau (Yogini Nyamwathi). 

When she’s not teaching, you can find her exploring movement through dance, playing the ukulele or spending time connecting with nature in her beloved home in Kenya. 


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