Nadja Tobias, English Yoga in Berlin

Nadja Tobias, English Yoga in Berlin

Nadja Tobias, 500-hr Dynamic Mindfulness yoga teacher and a photographer

Growing up in Slovenia, a small country with beautiful nature, delicious water and loudest thunderstorms, from early on Nadja has spent a lot of time in the mountains. She has learned not to underestimate the power of nature and not to overestimate her own powers in it. Nature also provides the place where she feels at peace, focused and thoughtful.

Nadja has been practicing yoga since she was 18. Upon moving to Berlin, she expanded her practice with knowledge of cyclic feminine nature. It helped her to deal with the problems she had since her menarche started. Gathering knowledge and learning from other people’s experiences, Nadja has developed specialized workshops to help women with similar problems to go deeper into the topic and to receive helpful tools.

Upon graduation from Dynamic Mindfulness advanced teacher training, teaching yoga provides her an opportunity to widen her practice and to be in a company of good people on this inspiring journey.

Besides her literature teacher degree,  Nadja is also a passionate photographer and she makes music videos and visuals for theater and concerts.

And when she is not teaching or taking photos, Nadja loves playing cards, taking train rides, diving in the sea and eating pizza.