Sarah Baron-Brljevic, zen yoga teacher

Sarah Baron-Brljevic, zen yoga teacher

Sarah Baron-Brljevic, Dynamic Mindfulness yoga teacher, movement enthusiast and designer

As a creative thinker, Sarah likes to give shape to things.

Since her early childhood, Sarah has been using visual tools to express herself. In the last years, she has discovered the joy of using the body as a tool for expression and learning.

Sarah combines practicing yoga, with CrossFit and high-intensity training. She loves to test her limits – it is empowering and humbling and the same time – but it can also be quite painful. She believes that learning through our body we notice and navigate the pendulum between pain and boredom. We become empowered and autonomous that way.

In her classes, Sarah is seeking a sweet spot between effort and ease, exploring our inner landscapes – all the borders, shores and the cliffs; testing and acknowledging our limits, as well as learning to accept and enjoy the comfort zone.

When she is not designing sequences, Sarah designs life experiences, explores interesting movements, daydreams about Croatian islands, indulges over a glass of wine, or tries to learn something new.


200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification – Dynamic Mindfulness School

Sarah is teaching Mondays at 20:00 and Fridays at 18:15-19:30