Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program

Gain inspiration and a deeper understanding of how to teach a progressive style of yoga.

Build a solid reputation for yourself and stand out in a sea of yoga teachers today.

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This online program is led by Tatjana Mesar, founder and lead teacher in Dynamic Mindfulness School

and other Dynamic Mindfulness 500-hour RYT teachers.

It counts as Yoga Alliance CE 50 non-contact hours

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This 6-month yoga teacher mentorship program will refine your teaching skills and show you how to skilfully bridge the gap between what people expect from vinyasa yoga practice vs the science of how the body moves.

You will be able to offer your student an informed and invigorating practice that will keep their joints safe and healthy and keep your classes full.

You will connect with a progressive yoga community and build a network that fits you.

This yoga teacher mentorship is perfect for new teachers in the first 5 years of teaching. This intimate and empowering program will serve you if you are willing to do the personal work of self-inquiry and study, the humbling work of not knowing and not being perfect, and liberating process of exploring body wisdom through biomechanical lenses.

If you have completed a 200-hour training outside of our school, enrollment in the Bridge Program is required. Click here to find out more.

In this mentorship program you will:

  • Enhance understanding of the principles behind the creative and safe sequencing of vinyasa style yoga classes. 
  • Learn how to integrate strength training with mobility and clarify the similarities and differences between somatics and yoga.
  • Level up your alignment cues, language and presentation skills by incorporating interoceptive techniques that support presence, awareness and clear boundaries.
  • Define who you want to be and what you want to do as a yoga teacher by completing your personal project
  • Receive one-on-one supervision as you navigate the world of yoga from the seat of the teacher and/or business owner
  • Be supported by a group of peers and colleagues through an online FB group so you never again feel alone and like a misfit in a way you think and teach yoga.
  • Develop a reflective lens on the contemporary yoga industry and tools to build your career without selling yourself out.

What you receive:

  • One 90-minute interactive live call per month (6 in total) on the monthly topic (see schedule below).
  • One 30 min individual mentoring session per month providing readings and teaching aids as appropriate, as well as resources, business help and networking as appropriate (6 in total).
  • 20 in-person or live-streamed master classes with Tatjana Mesar and/or advanced Dynamic Mindfulness Teachers
  • One inspirational sheet per month drawing from the Dynamic Mindfulness method, Buddhist teachings, movement science, anatomy and biomechanics, contemporary body politics and dynamics in the yoga world (6 in total)
  • Online Lexicon of Dynamic Mindfulness poses and transitions with more than 50 tutorials
  • 2 hour-long videos on evidence-based movement and breath in Dynamic Mindfulness
  • ‘Advanced Lectures on Buddhism’ audio course with David Listen (9 sessions)
  • Opportunity to assist at one 200-hour teacher training weekend
  • A private online FB Group for discussion, questions, and sharing
  • A 20% discount for the  Retreat for Teachers
  • Yoga Allaince CE 50 non-contact hours 

What is required from you:

  • Attending 15 masterclasses with Tatjana Mesar, streamed online.
  • Completing four video assignments to enhance your teaching skills, related to movement science and Dynamic Mindfulness method, with written feedback.
  • Teaching one 45 min video class based on Dynamic Mindfulness core sequences, with written feedback.
  • Completing your personal project on a chosen topic, subject to the prior approval and evaluation.

Monthly Maps:


Where am I as a teacher? Where do I want to be? Tools and skills needed.


How to think out of the box and integrate other movement modalities into yoga sequencing.


Science as departure point to teach poetry of breath and movement in yoga.


Teaching tools for interoception: soft tissue work, simplicity, pauses, and silence. What are the meeting points between somatics, Buddhism and contemporary yoga?


Permissive and invitational language, storytelling, trauma-informed language


Building a sustainable career as a progressive yoga teacher


Early Bird Special Price: 1099 €, available for the first 6 applicants

*A nonrefundable application deposit of 300 € is included in this price.

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Regular Tuition: 1.299 €

*A nonrefundable application deposit of 300 € is included in this price. Tuition is due in full two weeks prior to the mentoring start date.

*Tuition does not include books and materials you may choose to augment your learning

Payment Plans: available upon request

One full scholarship available for teachers who have experienced systemic discrimination, violence and oppression of any kind. To apply, write us an email on info(at) and let us know why are you a good candidate for this scholarship.