Tatjana Mesar

Tatjana Mesar, lead teacher

Tatjana is an experienced yoga and meditation teacher and the creator of Dynamic Mindfulness, a contemporary yoga style rooted in Buddhist wisdom and informed by movement science.

Through her down-to-earth approach to spirituality, spiced up with musical and philosophical references, she shakes up assumptions about physical practice, making it feel like an inner inquiry that extends far beyond the yoga mat.

Tatjana has been practicing Yoga and Buddhism for two decades now and teaching since 2007. She is also a certified shiatsu practitioner, with 3 years of training at the Shiatsu School Kreuzberg.

She holds a Master Degree in Music and in a not-so-distant past, she has played flute in both highbrow classical settings and progressive theaters in Berlin.

And when she’s not teaching, writing or creating podcasts about mindfulness in daily life, she can be found listening to concerts at the Berlin Philharmonic, sunbathing in her native Croatia, or sitting in silence on meditation retreats with her teacher Zarko Andricevic.

Tatjana is certified with Yoga Alliance as a 500 E-RYT and YACEP.