Dynamic Mindfulness Teachers

At Dynamic Mindfulness, we are proud to boast a large and diverse community of teachers out in the world teaching the core values of our style. We have always encouraged our graduates to find their own language and rise to their own excellence.

More than 140 teachers from 40 different countries have completed our training so far.

Here is the list of Dynamic Mindfulness teachers with a completed Advanced Training.

Isha Khosla

Regina Magdalena Sebald 

Sarah Baron-Brljevic

Leah Morano

Martina Trabucco

Joshua Gale

Teal Louise George

Nadja Tobias

Linda Köper

Hannah Grosser

Anna Maija Varis

Claudia Stangarone

Nina Stoletzki

Judith Wolff

Katharina Pewny

Hedvika Ticha

Nora Fiedler

Stefania Montemurro