Hi, I’m Tatjana Mesar.

I’m a yoga and meditation educator and the creator of Dynamic Mindfulness, a contemporary yoga school rooted in Buddhist wisdom and informed by up-to-date movement science. More than 120 teachers from 40 different countries have completed Dynamic Mindfulness training with me so far.

My approach to yoga is based on two decades of Buddhist studies and practice, as well as on shiatsu and the Axis Syllabus body of knowledge. I draw inspiration from various somatic practices present on the vibrant Berlin scene, as well as the quirks of daily life, the arts, and feminism.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Music and I have played flute in both highbrow classical settings and progressive theaters in Berlin.

While still a musician at heart, my present instrument is the body. My teaching is down to earth and it makes sense in the body, while providing  a mindful inner inquiry that extends far beyond the mat.