Deepen Your Practice and Become a Certified Yoga Teacher.

This contemporary yoga teacher training is founded upon the Buddhist principles of mindfulness.

You will learn the latest in biomechanically informed movement and receive individualized mentoring.

Connect with an intimate group of like-minded people to foster community, friendships, and learning.

Our yoga teacher training in English includes:

  • a comprehensive foundation in Yoga and Buddhist Yoga philosophies
  • holistic development of your personal asana and meditation practice
  • education in anatomy and biomechanics
  • mentorship on how to develop your voice, presence, and sequencing skills
  • guidelines for establishing ethical student-teacher relationships, the scope of practice, and appropriate boundaries
  • International certification through the Yoga Alliance

Our graduates tell us that they not only became skilled yoga teachers, but they also experienced increased confidence in their mediation practice and clarity in their direction in life.

This yoga instructor course began during a transaction period in my life and it took me a step forward.

I am much more aware of myself and of my body’s needs now and I’ve learned to be patient and to enjoy small things in life. During the training it became a philosophy of life.

Training also helped me to understand the value of community and being a part of something bigger.

Before starting the training, I thought I was not quite ready to do it – I suffered from anxiety, I felt broken, and wasn’t sure if I was “good enough”.

It’s good the program is around 10 months – a sufficient time for the transformation to happen. I am much more peaceful and patient now.

For a foundational yoga instructor course, it was excellent!

This yoga instructor course was a step out of the “comfort zone”, a challenge and an adventure into “spirituality”, which I was seeking for a long time… The topics of mindfulness and meditation were quite new to me when I started the training. They have had a huge positive impact on me and my world. I think everyone would benefit from this knowledge about mindfulness and the way it was delivered: structure, content, people, place, time, etc.

Watch the video for a 3-minute tour of our teaching training program.

Do you have questions about our teacher training or mentorship?

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