Mindfulness meets movement science.

Dynamic Mindfulness is a contemporary yoga practice rooted in Zen Buddhist wisdom and evidence-based movement.

Regular practice supports healthy spine and joints and develops a balance of strength and flexibility in the body. Mindfulness practice cultivates the ability to sustain the attention and get grounding to meet the challenges and opportunities of daily life.

Dynamic Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Join our international community of teachers to learn and teach the latest in mindfulness meditation, biomechanically informed movement, self agency and inclusivity.

Hi, I’m Tatjana Mesar.

I’m a yoga and meditation educator and the creator of Dynamic Mindfulness, a contemporary yoga school rooted in Zen Buddhist wisdom and informed by up-to-date movement science.

More than 100 teachers from 36 different countries have completed Dynamic Mindfulness yoga teacher training with me so far and are now teaching yoga in Berlin and internationally.

I have been pioneering evidence-based movement, self-agency and consent, as well as yoga as movement meditation on the yoga scene in Berlin and in Germany.

Tatjana Mesar

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