Mindfulness meets movement science.

Dynamic Mindfulness is a contemporary yoga style rooted in Zen Buddhism and informed by movement science.

Regular practice supports healthy spine and joints, develops a balance of strength and flexibility in the body, and cultivates the ability to sustain the attention.

Classes range from gentle to dynamic, designed to give you the grounding and strength to face the chaos of daily city life.

Practice yoga online!

Connect with others, get grounded, boost your immune system and build emotional resilience through movement and meditation.

We offer live streamed yoga classes and events for people of all ages, body types and backgrounds.

All online yoga classes are in English.

A recording of each class is available for 48 hours following each live class. 

Yoga Teacher Training Programs

yoga teacher training Germany - Yogalehrer Ausbildung Berlin

When you are ready to deepen your practice, beginning or advancing your teaching career, this program is for you.

Join our international community of teachers to learn the latest in mindfulness and biomechanically informed movement.


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Online Mentorship for Yoga Teachers
Online Mentorship for Yoga Teachers

More Zen in your life!

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