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Suchness of the Body

Suchness of the body is a Buddhist teaching on embodiment. By its nature, the body is perceived as neither pure nor impure, but simply as “such”;  the way it is – tathata.  Read the full article on Buddhist Yoga here. Befriending the body Like streams flowing into a river, suchness of the body is the […]

There are many ways to do something right

You know that story of ‘doing life right’? People who ‘do it right’ are born in the right family, attend the right school, get accepted to the right university, get the right job, pick the right partner, settle in the right neighborhood, etc. The template of this story is quite similar all over the planet, […]

What moves you?

To paraphrase the great German dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch, it’s what moves us that really matters. And still, we so often get preoccupied with the ‘how’. Because the ‘What moves you?’ question is complicated, personal, political, poetical, elusive, mystical, out of the scope…you name it. It is much easier and safer to engage with […]

Podcast Picks to Counter Lockdown Blues

With the virus being on a hellish World Tour and people across Europe facing another four to six weeks of isolating at home, feelings of stress and anxiety can come to the surface for many of us. Amplifying the coronavirus stress is the social unrest around the world, which continues to intensify and adds to the feeling of general gloom. So if we […]

It depends. Contextualize!

How many times have you been instructed to “listen to your body”, or to “move freely” in yoga classes and wondered what the heck you”re supposed to do now? Probably too many…I certainly know I have! Such expressions are really popular in mainstream yoga and while teachers giving them are most of the time super […]

Dancing for joy on the path

The Buddhist path offers more than somber contemplation and quietude; the experience of deep stillness from a sustained meditation practice can cause a river of joy to flow through our everyday lives. It happened one sunny morning after meditation. I was cycling down the street, and all of sudden I wanted to burst into song. […]

Third Paramita, Kshanti – Patience

HOLD YOUR HORSES! In this third instalment of our series on the Six Perfections, we explore the topic of “kshanti” – having patience or forbearance. Heard this before? “I’ve been patient with this, I really have…but I’m TOTALLY over it now. I’m fed up with being patient, it doesn’t get me anywhere!” You’ve probably heard […]