Plitvice Lakes Yoga Retreat with Tatjana

Advanced Training: Poetry of Body and Mind Module in Berlin

Poetry of Body and Mind 7 days in-person training module A profound immersion into advanced yoga studies and practice with lead teacher Tatjana Mesar  20th - 26th June 2022 in Berlin - Kreuzberg small group of maximum 6 people Excellent…

Tatjana at J Brown Yoga Talks Podcast

Tatjana Mesar, creator of Dynamic Mindfulness, returns to talk with J Brown about adapting yoga to a post-pandemic world. They discuss the time they spent together just before the pandemic hit, the closing of Zen Yoga Studio in…
yoga teacher training Berlin

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Free Info Session

Saturday, November 20th, 2021 @16:00 - 17:30 in person at Bija Yoga Berlin, Grimmstr 19, Berlin with live streamed option for virtual attendees Join this free info session and learn more about our upcoming 200- hour yoga teacher training…

Hands on Assisting for Yoga Teachers

With Tatjana Mesar, 500 E-RYT Sunday, November 21st from 9:00 till 16:30 at Bija Yoga Berlin, Grimmstr 19, Berlin o fully booked! All of us have received some good and some not so good hands on assisting on the yoga mat. Both…
yoga teacher happy hour

Yoga Teacher’s Happy Hour

You've completed Dynamic Mindfulness training and want to stay in touch? With more than 100 people completing the training programs, the community now needs a space and time to connect. This is a new monthly online session…

Bridge Program

with Tatjana Mesar, lead teacher The Bridge Program is a series of online lectures designed to introduce the committed and curious yoga practitioner, as well as teachers from other yoga lineages and styles, to Dynamic Mindfulness philosophy,…
Suchness of the body

Suchness of the Body

Suchness of the body is a Buddhist teaching on embodiment. By its nature, the body is perceived as neither pure nor impure, but simply as “such”;  the way it is – tathata.  Read the full article on Buddhist Yoga here. Befriending…
ways to do soemthing rightPhoto by Pablo García Saldaña on Unsplash

There are many ways to do something right

You know that story of ‘doing life right’? People who ‘do it right’ are born in the right family, attend the right school, get accepted to the right university, get the right job, pick the right partner, settle in the right neighborhood,…
what moves you
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What moves you?

To paraphrase the great German dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch, it’s what moves us that really matters. And still, we so often get preoccupied with the ‘how’. Because the ‘What moves you?’ question is complicated, personal,…
Podcast pics to counter lockdown blues

Podcast Picks to Counter Lockdown Blues

With the virus being on a hellish World Tour and people across Europe facing another four to six weeks of isolating at home, feelings of stress and anxiety can come to the surface for many of us. Amplifying…