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What is Buddhist Yoga? Was ist buddhistisches Yoga?
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What is Buddhist Yoga?

Embracing change: a new perspective on the body In today's society, the emphasis on physical appearance is undeniable. We're bombarded with messages about looking good, being fit, and striving for an ideal body image. This obsession with outer…

Ekaggata | One-Pointed Mind

Workshop with Tatjana Mesar in Berlin We are excited to invite Dynamic Mindfulness teachers and advanced students to a special 2,5 hour workshop led by Tatjana Mesar, lead teacher. Date & Time: Saturday, August 3rd from 15:00…
Buddhist chanting in Kreuzberg
Master class series in Zagreb

Saturday Master Class Series

FLOOR WORK with Tatjana Mesar, 500-hr ERYT at Ilica 169 in Zagreb, Croatia and online on Zoom Saturdays at 10:00 -11:30 am CET For yoga teachers, trainees, movers and curious yoga practitioners In-depth exploration of one topic,…
Listen to your body

It depends. Contextualize!

How many times have you been instructed to “listen to your body”, or to “move freely” in yoga classes and wondered what the heck you"re supposed to do now? Probably too many...I certainly know I have! Such expressions are really…
contemporary yoga

Transcending tradition and finding a contemporary yoga that fits

Most of the physical movements and postures commonly recognised as “yoga asanas” haven’t been around that long, but have come to be widely accepted as sacred forms. But things are evolving quickly, and yoga is now adapting to evidence-based…
what moves you Was bewegt dich?

What moves you?

To paraphrase the great German dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch, it’s what moves us that really matters. And still, we so often get preoccupied with the ‘how’. Because the ‘What moves you?’ question is complicated, personal,…
Suchness of the body

Suchness of the Body

Suchness of the body is a Buddhist teaching on embodiment. By its nature, the body is perceived as neither pure nor impure, but simply as “such”;  the way it is – tathata.  Read the full article on Buddhist Yoga here. Befriending…
ways to do soemthing rightPhoto by Pablo García Saldaña on Unsplash

There are many ways to do something right

You know that story of ‘doing life right’? People who ‘do it right’ are born in the right family, attend the right school, get accepted to the right university, get the right job, pick the right partner, settle in the right neighborhood,…
Restorative Yoga Training

Advanced Training Module: Waves and Stillness

WAVES AND STILLNESS with Tatjana Mesar and Karmen Mihalinec 17th – 21nd June, 2024 at Somatische Akademie, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30, 10999 Berlin – Kreuzberg This advanced Yoga and Buddhist studies module is a part of our 300-hour…
Lying Down - Subversive Savasana
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Lying Down on the Ground

This guided relaxation is all about grounding. Voice and bansuri (Indian bamboo flute) - Tatjana Mesar, a founder of Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness If you have lower back issues, place some cushions under the knees. Blankets are also nice…
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Virya Aspect in Dynamic Mindfulness Yoga

There is nothing we can accomplish in life without investing energy.  In this article we discuss virya and how to cultivate it. Many of us dream about being an elite athlete, performer, artist or actor. Yet, if we were a fly on a wall,…