virtual yoga studio Berlin

Seeking for tools to get out of you head and into your body? This virtual yoga studio is built for you!

We have created a variety of movement options for practicing flexibility and strength in the body.

You can experience benefits of meditation and get support for being consistent.

We promise no flowery yoga talk.

Live-streamed and on-demand yoga classes in English for people of all ages, body types and backgrounds.

  • gentle yoga
  • master classes for experienced practitioners and teachers
  • self-massage tutorials
  • shorter practices to energize you throughout the day
  • guest teachers


 60 €/month

You can cancel anytime

Critical thinking and evidence based is right up your alley? We love spicing our yoga classes with inquiries into body politics, art, science and daily life.

About the classes:

Gentle Flow

Class starts with gentle warm up, bouncing and/or soft tissue self-massage, followed with a variety of flowing movement sequences linked to breath and combined with longer held standing postures. Class ends with deep relaxation and/or guided meditation.

Suitable for students of any age and experience, who wish to practice softly and relax deeply. Duration 60-75 min.

Master Class

 Get a better understanding of Dynamic Mindfulness principles, vocabulary and teaching method.

Discussions on a variety of topics, from applied anatomy and biomechanics, to building strength through bodyweight, to meditation and Buddhism.

For yoga teachers, trainees and experienced practitioners

Self-massage Tutorials

Shorter 10. 15, 20 min self massage sequences for soft tissue love.

Shorter Sessions

A variety of shorter yoga sequences for all levels, to practice throughout the day and a selection of guided meditations.

Included in the membership:


  • Gentle Flow Mondays at 18:30 CET

*please note that classes do not take place on national holidays and during summer holidays.


  • Currently over 120 yoga classes
  • Self-massage tutorials
  • Shorter practice sessions
  • In-depth tutorials
  • Guest teachers

What others are saying:

Tatjana is a highly experienced, supreme teacher and a very kind person. As an experienced practitioner myself, I got inspired and learned a lot from her way of developing and sharing her precious practice over the course of 11 years. Including those demanding times of the lockdown.

Tatjana’s navigation through yoga, body, movement and awareness changed my relationship to yoga and my approach to it. Using science, anatomy, Buddhism, very poetic still very conscious use of language and cluing and a broad varieties of very precise jet very unique sequencing schemes, Tatjana manages to bring improvisation, fun and discipline together in a special, one of a kind blend.

Great yoga-experience! The teacher was so nice and made this lunchclass different from anything we’ve ever tried before, we loved it! Highly recommended!

Meet Tatjana, lead teacher

Tatjana Mesar, creator of Dynamic Mindfulness, likes to keep things playful and unexpected. With a focus on evidence-based practices, self-agency, consent, and yoga as meditation in motion, she has been the trailblazer in the bustling yoga scene of Berlin. More than 140  people from 40 different countries have completed her trainings so far.

Her approach to spirituality is refreshingly down-to-earth. You might catch her making musical and philosophical references during class, taking you on a journey that goes far beyond just the yoga mat.

Learn more about what inspired her approach.


 60 €/month

You can cancel anytime

Please note there are no refunds available for virtual yoga studio. However, you can cancel anytime to avoid being charged for the next month. 

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