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Welcome to your foundational yoga teacher training!

The mission of this training is to provide you with the theory and practice of yoga and meditation in the context of the 21st century and equip you to start teaching yoga professionally.

The central perspective of our school is rooted in Buddhist philosophy, ethics and methodology and supported by the latest scientific research on mindfulness and on the evidence based movement. Mindfulness meditation is in the heart of our practice.

Don’t worry. You do not need to be a Buddhist to practise and teach Dynamic Mindfulness yoga or to benefit from the effects of its practices!

In Dynamic Mindfulness, we believe in order to practice Yoga authentically we need to understand ancient teachings in the context of contemporary culture and to inquire, understand and appreciate where each of us come from. Emulating Eastern traditions without critical thinking can lead to a ‘misaligned’ identity and cultural appropriations. Our teaching relies on scientific research. We steer clear of New Age, esotericism, hearsay and personality cults.

All Dynamic Mindfulness teachers teach evidence based movement informed by biomechanical principles of how our bodies move and how our nervous system processes movement. This approach to yoga practice that can be applied to any tradition and it intelligently expresses mindfulness in motion.

Yoga happens in the experience of the yoga poses, and not only in ‘form’. Even more, how we transition into a pose determines the quality of our experience once we are there. The process is the goal!

Let’s start!

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Module 1: Earth
Module 2: Water
Module 3: Fire
Module 4: Air