ancestral body

Saturday, November 18th at 11 AM – 1:30 PM

With Tatjana Mesar, Buddhist yoga and meditation teacher, shiatsu therapist and a musician.

Our ancestral body is created from family believes, messages and stories about the body and the movement. Mostly invisible, it shapes the way we live in our physical body day to day.

In this session, we’ll move, meditate, create visuals and tell stories to get in touch with our ancestral body in a playful way.

Bring a notebook, some colorful magazines, scissors, and colors to create our ancestral body maps.
An instrument, if you wish, a song from your childhood that you love to sing.

Fee: 30 Euros

About The Body Maps

Body Maps is a series of workshops that explore different ways our mind is mapping the inner space of our body and how these maps influence our moment to moment embodiment.

Coming Next: Cultural Body.

Stayed tuned for more info!