Core Sequence 1

1st movement: SEATED CAT/COW

INHALE: Dive forward and down, pressing down into the earth and wave up long through your spine, lifting the front of your heart away from the pubic bone. Stabilize the lumbar spine by activating the front of your body, do not go into a full curve. You can let the chin lift a bit.
EXHALE: Scoop your tailbone first, keep the lumbar spine long and let the curve come from the upper chest and shoulder blades spreading apart.
You can stop and hold here, take a breath or two, high up into the chest.

After a couple of waves…
INHALE, start to lift the arms. Your pelvis and spine are lifting the arms up. Breathe into it.
EXHALE, keep sit bones and pubic bone descending. Start lifting the legs from the spine, not from the hips. You can stop and hold there, doing seaweed waves in the legs to feel into it.
You start igniting the deep core line, but only if you do not distort it with anything else. Practice being mindful of the scope of movement.

2nd movement: SEATED PLANK

Press the big toes together and down into the floor to activate the inner tights OR lift the legs up while the sit-bones and pubic bone draw down.
As you hold your knees, on the EXHALE press the femur bones on both legs down toward the hip joints to ground. This is the seed of the pose. Pulse in this pose all the way up to fully extend the legs on the INHALE.


Lay down on the ground with feet in standing postion.

Place a soft pilates ball under the sacrum and lift your legs up. Sustain this position for 20-30 breaths. You can play with lovering the legs for higher intensity.

Allow the body to regulate the stability on its own. Allow trembling and/or shakes to occure.

This is a cumulative practice. Rest with knees to shoulders.

Second repetion is dynamic.

4th movement: DYNAMIC BRIDGE

5th movement: HIP RELEASE