Yoga for Pregnancy in Berlin

A lot is changing during these nine months. Yoga for pregnancy can help bring in a sense of ease.

Yoga can be an excellent way to connect with your body and the baby during these precious months. There are many benefits to practicing yoga when lead by a knowledgeable and experienced teacher. Here are a few:

Stretch it out!

Our bodies are changing in oh-so-many ways. This can bring a lot along with it: new aches and pains, new sensations in different parts of our bodies, even a new center of gravity! As the baby grows, we might feel increasing tension in areas like the lower back, hips, neck, and shoulders. Spending time moving and stretching our different parts can feel great and leave you feeling lighter.

Trust your body

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or “out of control” during this time. But our bodies know what they are doing! Taking the time regularly to check in can help us be more in tune with what is happening as it happens and provide our body with what it needs along the way.

Know your breath

This is a big one! One of the most important aspects of yoga is learning to focus our attention on the breath. Focusing on the breath grounds us in the present moment, helping distance ourselves from external stressors or repetitive thought patterns. Developing this practice has many benefits in all stages of life, but especially while pregnant and preparing for birth.

Get comfy

As the baby grows, finding a comfortable position can be more and more difficult. During the physical practice, well-chosen asanas help create space in the body. At the end of every class, we use a lot of props, pillows, and blankets to support whatever position feels comfortable. This helps us release tense muscles and sink into relaxation.

Find community

Meeting other expecting mothers can be tough in a big city and the yoga studio can be a real relief. Here, you know that everyone in the room is in a similar situation. Coming together to share experiences, make new friends, or even just share the space each week can provide a much-needed sense of community.

Enjoy some quiet time

Taking time for yourself can be tough, pregnant or not, but it can be particularly difficult during this time. Yoga for pregnancy classes are an excellent opportunity to set aside a bit of time without distractions, where the only focus is on you and the baby. This time is there for you to connect with yourself, your body, the baby, and to give yourself what you need.

Yoga for pregnancy classes are starting soon in English and German!


yoga for pregnancy in Berlin

We are excited to offer yoga for pregnancy classes starting later this fall, Tuesdays from 16:30 until 17:45. Classes in our quiet yoga studio provide physical sequences made for you and baby, breathing exercises and an emphasis on mindful attention to the breath, a cozy final relaxation, and the chance to share and connect over a cup of tea after class. See you soon on the mat!