Online Tutorials: Eight-Form Moving Meditation

Online Yoga Tutorials: Sun Salutation, Online Tutorials: Eight-Form Moving Meditation, Warm-up Sequence and Hero Salutation

This meditation in movement was developed by Master Sheng Yen of Dharma Drum Mountain as a means of allowing people living stressful and busy lifestyles to enjoy some of the benefits of Chan meditation.

Eight-Form Moving Meditation is a set of easy-to-learn exercises that can be practiced almost anywhere and at anytime.  It is beneficial to both body and mind, and once acquired through diligent practice, can be performed whether walking, standing, sitting or reclining, so that you are always mindful of being relaxed in body and mind.

The cornerstone of the Dynamic Mindfulness method is a contemporary fusion of holistic asana flow and Buddhist mindfulness meditation. We use Sun Salutation and its variations as the main reference frame, alongside the Eight-Form Moving Meditation,  Moon Salutation and Hero Salutation.

Once you understand this method, you will be able to experience and teach it in different environments.