Foundational Yoga Teacher Training Module 4: AIR

The 4th Module, AIR covers all of the bases with practical advice and mentoring to give you the knowledge, confidence and skills to be a responsible and compassionate teacher. You will discover and cultivate your own unique strengths as a Yoga teacher, and we will work with you to develop those strengths.

You’ll learn practical things you need to turn your love of teaching into a viable career. You will also practice teaching and receive honest, constructive feedback. You will end this segment and this training feeling empowered as a teacher and transformed as a person.

• Self-Care for Teachers
• Teaching Style: Voice, Presence, Concept, Timing
• Business of Yoga
• Ethics: Teacher-Student Relationship
• Contemporary Schools and Tendencies
• Beginner’s Mind Meditation Retreat
• Introduction to Massage
• Final Exam
• Q&A and Closing