Online Tutorials: EARTH Sequence

Dynamic Mindfulness EARTH Sequence offers active mobility practice for the hip joints, builds overall strength in the body and has a grounding effect on the mind.

With Tatjana Mesar, a senior yoga teacher and a creator of Dynamic Mindfulness.


Dynamic Mindfulness EARTH Sequence

Bouncy Mountain
Standing Spiral ( 0:25)

From Bouncy Mountain, slow down and on the IN reach with one hand toward the opposite corner up above the head. Allow the heal to lift up following the rest of the body in extension
On the EX release back into Bouncy Mountain
On the IN repeat on the other side
Bouncy spiral (0:35) – on the EX extend and on the IN soften 3 – 5 times while maintaining the spiral
On the EX release back into Bouncy Mountain
Repeat on the other side

Rider’s Stand (1:15)

Settle in a steady and comfortable wide-legged stance with feet slightly opened, knees bent, legs strong and grounding, upper body straight.
Belly Circles: Both palms firmly pressing down into the upper thighs, extend your upper body and draw circles with your belly button – 5 times in each direction, breath natural
Belly Twist: from Belly Circle on the EX rotate to the right, gazing behind the right shoulder, on the IN, come back to neutral, repeat on the left
Kicks: From Rider’s Stand, on the IN wave the arms up above the head, on the EX fists to hips, engaging the whole body. Repeat 5 times and then sustain the kick for 3-5 breaths

Wide-Legged Standing Forward Hang ( 2:50)

Please the fists in the elbows and release the upper body toward the ground, with head hanging. Wave left and right for 5 – 7 breaths.

Transition V ( 3:11)

From Wide-Legged Standing Forward Hang, on the EX let the arms drop, on the IN place the palm on the ground and point the fingers back. Widen the stance between the feet. On the EX, start shifting the weight into the palms by walking the feel slowly forward. At one point lift the toes up the ground and in slow motion sit down in Wide-Legged Seat. Once down, relax the belly and let the breath come in.

Wide-Legged Seat ( 3:36)

Ground through the sit bones, wiggling
Belly Circles (stirring the soup) x 5 in each direction
Spiral on the EX x 3 one each side

Cross-legged seat

Repeat on both sides to following sequence:
Leg circles, on the EX first x 3 with leg touch touching the ground, then x 3 not touching the ground
From the ground up on the EX x 3
Arm up on the IN x 3

Cross legged seat

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About Dynamic Mindfulness method

The cornerstone of the Dynamic Mindfulness method is a contemporary fusion of holistic asana flow and Buddhist mindfulness meditation. The approach to sequencing is a carefully crafted blend that incorporates:

  • The vigor of sequenced asana flow
  • Holistic movement from the core body, also called ‘hara’ in Japanese – moving in waves rather than linearly
  • Dynamic repetition, or ‘pulsations’ in an individual asana – balancing effort and ease
  • The idea that the practice should be individualized through variations and modifications of poses
  • Sufficient time to fully relax and/or sit in meditation at the end of the class

Read Dynamic Mindfulness Core Values to learn more about our method.