Silent Illumination Meditation Retreats

Zarko Andricevic

with Zarko Andricevic, Chan Master

“Silent Illumination”  is a simple method of practice to cultivate relaxation and awareness of the state of body, mind, and environment. Silence arises when wandering thoughts and conceptualization settle down, arises “silence”; with the emergence of clarity arises “illumination.

The silent illumination method in Chan tradition is practiced in sitting, standing, walking, sleeping, working, and eating. Chanting and gentle yoga exercises further harmonize the body, breath, and mind. The retreat also includes daily lectures, meditation instruction, guided meditation, and personal interviews.

This is an intense practice that includes waking up at 5 am, going to sleep at 10. pm and spending the whole day in practice according to the schedule. The retreat is held in silence, including switching off the cell phones. If you know you cannot fulfill these conditions, please do not apply for the retreat.

Upcoming Meditation Retreats

November 14th-21st 2020 in Croatia

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About Zarko Andricevic

Zarko Andricevic

Founder of the Buddhist Center in Zagreb, Croatia,  Zarko first encountered Buddhism in 1975 and has been a martial arts and yoga teacher since the 1970s. In 1985 he started the first Buddhist study and meditation group in Croatia which in time grew into the first Buddhist community there, known as Dharmaloka nowadays.  Zarko is also the founder of the Zen Yoga School in Croatia.

He has dedicated himself to the practice of Chan meditation and has attended Master Sheng Yen’s retreats regularly. In June 2001, during a two-week retreat in the USA, Zarko Andricevic received Dharma transmission from Master Sheng Yen, thus becoming one of his five Dharma heirs in the West.