Experiential Anatomy Series

experiential anatomy

with Vera Piechulla, a medical doctor and performance artist

at Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness, Tempelhofer Ufer 36, 1063 Berlin

Wednesdays 15:00 – 17:00

Join our new series of 2-hour experiential anatomy workshops and dive into exciting interactions of imagery, theory and perception of anatomical structures.

Connecting theoretical and intuitive body knowledge, Vera will encourage you to draw/write/feel your own anatomy while strengthening your thinking body.

Suitable for yoga teachers, bodyworkers, dancers, movement teachers, as well as for curious nerdy movers.

FIRST BLOCK: November 20th – December 11th, 2019


Understanding tissue connectivity, tensegrity and how loading patterns track systemically through living structures.

1.1. (Myo)fascia: Diving into the micro textures of our connective tissues, sliding along fibres and lingering in multivacuolar spaces

1.2. Articulations: Gaining clarity through conscious positioning of our joints

1.3. Bones: Sounding and vibrating through the deepest and densest structures

1.4. Kinetic Chains: Following the pathways of our fibrous connective tissues on the example of the superficial backline

SECOND BLOCK: January 22nd to February 12th, 2020


Following the passage of the breath through our airways, practicing sustainable breathing as a way to connect ourselves with our surroundings 

2.1. Pharynx: opening the caveties of nose, mouth and upper throat through breathing, singing and humming

2.2. Larynx: Taking a glimpse on the complexity of our voicing apparatus, expressing ourselves 

2.3. Lungs and Diaphragm: Breathing deeply to our lung bubbles, connecting with what surrounds us

2.4. Pelvic Floor: exploring deep pelvic floor breathing as a tool for stability 

Course Fee (sliding scale):

One block / 4 sessions 40 – 80 Euros
Drop-ins: 15 – 20 Euros per session

What is sliding scale / Why sliding scale?
The idea of offering a sliding scale pricing is to make the workshop series more accessible for people with less income and less privileges. Those people can pay a smaller amount according to their own estimation. I offer the opportunity to pay less because it is possible for me as these workshops are not my main source of income. People who use the material of my workshops professionally or who have higher income, I ask to pay the full price. I appreciate sliding scale pricing as a practice of solidarity but I also respect every teacher or workshop giver who cannot offer sliding scale prices because their living depends on teaching fees.


Please contact vera.piechulla(at)posteo(dot)de to register for the Experiential Anatomy sessions, indicating which session(s) you want to join. There’s limited capacity, first come, first serve.

About Vera Piechulla

Vera Piechulla

Vera Piechulla studied medicine at Philipps-Universität Marburg, absolved the Dance Intensive Program at Tanzfabrik Berlin and the PEPCC (Choreographic Creation, Dance Research and Training Program) at Forum Dança in Lisbon.  In her artistic work she explores spaces of uncertainty between knowledge, perception and imagination. Using different formats of exchange, she fuses performance with teaching and healing practices. She recently started to train in Body-Mind-Centering and manual medicine.

Vera is currently based in Berlin, managing a double life between training as a general practitioner and making body based arts.