Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers: Contemporary Lenses



August 21st- 30th, 2020

at Zen Yoga By Dynamic Mindfulness Studio

This is a professional 10-days long training in English designed for yoga teachers of all backgrouds and it counts toward 75 CE hours with Yoga Alliance.

It offers a profound immersion into advanced yoga studies and practices with teachers Tatjana Mesar Yoga, Vera Piechulla, Valerie Harwich and others. Innovation, experimentation, reflection, and introspection will enhance your understanding of Dynamic Mindfulness method.

Upon completion of this teacher training module, you will have enriched understanding of the body and its functions, more confidence with alignment instruction and sequencing and critical understanding of the contemporary yoga world in all its different facets.
Training is in English.

Early Bird Price 1300 Euros, valid till June 20th, 2020
Regular Tuition: 1500 Euros
Payment plan available upon request.


A state-sponsored stipend of 500 EUR (Bildungprämie) is available for this training module. You can also apply for paid holidays (Bildungsulraub).

Topics include:

Movement Lab with Tatjana Mesar: Biomechanics competence and key patterns of movement.

  • Rolling & spiraling
  • Active mobility and strenght, working with body weight, and using simple props for pulling pattern
  • Human gait and crosslateral pattern
  • Crawling patterns
  • Changing levels
  • Free flow and mixing it up
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

Theoretical Sessions with Tatjana Mesar

  • The Suchness of Body – Interoceptive versus proprioceptive awarness
  • Common assumptions about stretching seeing through the lenses of biomechanics.
  • How to address resistance to new paradigms of movement in classes.
  • Guiding Free Flow practice

Trauma Sensitive Topics with Valerie Harwitch

How to use permissive versus directive style of teaching and to cultivate trauma-sensitive language in classes. Use of props and space.

Inclusivity and Accesabilty Topics 

Persepctives on Modern Postural Yoga and Post -Lineage Yoga

Advanced Anatomy and Biomechanics with Vera Piechulla offers an in-depth study of fascia as an interoceptive organ, deepen the understanding of tissue connectivity, and of how loading patterns track systemically through living structures to improve safety and sustainability of the practice. Click here for more details.

Weekend seminar

Mindful Assisting with Tatjana Mesar

In this weekend training, Tatjana will guide you through the latest topics and practices of hands-on assisting that are consent-based and trauma-sensitive. Click here for the detailed program.

Reading to complete before this module:

  • Jules Mitchell: The Science of Stretching, a Master Theses – read here
  • Robert Schleip, Ph.D. and Divo Gitta Müller: Training Principles for Fascial Connective Tissue – read here
  • Mark Singleton: Yoga Body: The Origins of Modern Posture Practice
  • Tatjana Mesar: Transcending tradition and finding a contemporary yoga that fits – read here
  • Tatjana Mesar: What is Buddhist Yoga? – read here
  • Matthew Remski: WAWADIA: Six Lenses for Studying MPY – read here